Dress Like Her-Melissa McCarthy


  Style like her-Melissa McCarthy by byjennifer featuring metallic belts picture of Melissa McCarthy come from Redbook I absolutely love Melissa McCarthy she is beyond amazing! She is funny, talented, beautiful and a boss. You guys know I like Boss ladies. She has come out with her own line at HSN , her items range from

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Take his look and Make it your own


  Take his and make it your own by byjennifer featuring hand bags Sometimes the best thing to wear is what he has or what you could find for him. You can take an oversized sweater  and wear it as a dress. The combo of thigh high boots and black bag makes it very sexy.

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NormCore Movement

NormCore by byjennifer featuring UGG Australia I learned something this morning that blew my mind! I was so excited that I had to blog about it! This entire movement called the NormCore. Now personally I have called this movement months ago but I never came up with a catchy name! I have been saying for

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